Higher Ups!

It seems the so called heroes have finally met their match well two of them at least the ones known as Tauros and Psi Kick the same ones that attacked Harley and the Public Eye Police a few weeks back have been seen hanging out in down town New York.

To make things that may have been bad from Harley’s statement to worse was that Shuriko Kazama also known as Lady Alchemax was seen with the prodigal son of the Alchemax Corporation and perfect soldier Spider-Punisher. They seem to have been set on eliminating the homeless and possible Miracle Men recruiters that may have been in the area.

We were unable to find Stone and Ms Kazama was currently busy to talk with us luckily Public Eye Police General Tyde was more then happy to say a few words of his put on what happened…….General Tyde: “I can’t say much since I’m not part of Alchemax Corporation fully but what I do known was we had a fellow grunt officer hidden inside the city to give us a heads up of what was going on when we heard Lady Alchemax and Spider-Punisher were under attack by those terrorists claiming to be heroes you can bet your shocking ass I made sure to bring the wrath of the Public Eye Police on them….that was until Spider-Punisher gave us the morse code to fall back seeing they handled it”……

From what we have heard from possible residents it seems Lady Alchemax may have set up a new weapon to help take out a huge chunk of the ghettos part of New York and while the “heroes” put up a good fight Ms Kazama and Spider-Punisher were more then prepared for them successful fending them off and seeming to humiliate one of them in combat as the two known as Tauros and Psi Kick were forced to flee.

What will happen in the works will the heroes ever get revenge in a possible round 2 or is Alchemax truly unstoppable….fin out next time when we find out the hottest tips on the streets of New York here at New York New York good times News.

Reported by Willy Channey

The Queen and the Fools!

“There are many things to be said of these so called heroes as they call themselves. They take on forces they cannot  possibly comprehend.   These ‘Sisters of Fate’ are some such of these forces.  They have no idea of the power they toy wit. These fools are so unworthy the queen didn’t even decide to stick around to punish them. It was unfortunate for the other though. Then again it is Her that carries all the power.  I’m beginning to like her more and more i must admit”


“Needless to say Loki was out for a little fun when he decided to mess with these fools. My interest started to grow as the conflict continued.  Tauros and the annoying Spider-man of this century can be found in conflict with the sisters. They are clearly out matched and very much outnumbered at least ten to one. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Such brash foolishness! I guess it’s do to some sense of self-righteousness. I bet it makes you as sick a it does me. Still the morons decided to press on”

sistersfate_002“Unfortunately He did not stick around for very long . Boy would I have loved to watch him lay waste to the entire gathering of ‘heroes’. It would have made my day. Though i have some good news for all of you.  They didn’t get put unscathed. Unfortunately the sisters did not last long without their queen and was subsequently defeated. One even had her clothes ripped off by that perverted Deadpool. ( Remind me to rip him apart later. What did you say?  I’ll advise you to rephrase that or Hell is going to look like a summer vacation compared to what I am about to do to you).”

sistersfate_003“Their victory did not last long over the sisters. Did you think i would let them walk away unscathed? I think not! No such thing is going to happen in a single burst  I decided to give them a punishment that they would not soon forget.  They took the bait as per usual and with that I joined the battle,  The fools stood little chance against one such as me.”

sistersfate_004[This is Eddie Mai taking over the broadcast once more] “I swear these super freaks can all go suck a railroad spike for all i care” ~mumbled under his breath

It seemed the original three heroes managed to complete their task but just before they could leave Blackfire arrived planning to finish off the heroes from the last time she had fought them.


The heroes did their best to take down Blackfire with talon strikes, heavy punches and throws, and sword dicing along with gun fire. They heroes gave it their all but it seems all they could really do was get Blackfire to retreat for now most likely going to have to deal with her again later on down the road.


I myself am not sure how to make of it between any of these freaks. The only thing I can say is if they want to run around and start killing each other be my guess better to have these freaks kill each other then kill us.

sistersfate_011This is Eddie Mai saying stay tuned as we bring you more news from around the world. {looks over his shoulder in fear} “You know Eddie I happen to have very good hearing you fool! come here.” {Picking him up by his shirt collar her eyes glowing violet  then red} Umm.umm…theis is Eddie Mai signing off and saying till next time. If i survive that long……{Everything cuts to static}

Harley and the PEP!

“Hello everyone this is your neighborhood Harley given a special report! It seems earlier this week  a group of terrorist have been seen going against this wonderful regime and tryin ta  steal a weapon set to protect all ya wonderful people out there.  I don’t know what this world is coming ta.  Lucky I was there to put a stop to it.  Looks like we got a few new felons on the scene.  Tauros is immensely strong and stubborn. She is as stubborn as Bane and nearly as strong as the Blue Boy Scout himself. She is the bitch that shattered my poor hammer. Do you know how much that hammer cost? I swear some people have absolutely no respect for other people’s property.  We brought Elites ans some of the Best PEP officers we could find and she blew through them like tissue paper. No worries  they will be well taken care of.”

As you can see the new self proclaimed heroines facing off against the brace men and women of the PEP and the wonderfully designed Elites.

As you can see the new self proclaimed heroines facing off against the brace men and women of the PEP and the wonderfully designed Elites.

“Further more you dear old Harley manages to escape the mental and physical attacks of the  dangerous Psi-kick, (giggles) Oh my goodness what kind of name is that? Sidekick  give me a break hon. Your name could not be more obvious if you tried. Both were intent on ripping your men and women apart. These terrorist just don’t let up! Those poor people in the PEP stood little chance against them but just know they fought bravely. (However useless it was ). Anyway we had a brand new uninvited guest attempting to take away your freedoms that you enjoy so much. Her name: All-Star a brand new Captain America wannabe. She arrived on the scene shortly after.  Your Harley fought bravely as Well and managed to knock old Psi-kick to the ground. She knocked the woman out with her famous things. But the woman did the most heinous, unforgivable, and outrageous thing a person could possibly do. (Crying) She murdered my granddaughters! The vile, disgusting, sadistic, cruel, evil-wench went and murdered my girls.”

A brand-new self proclaimed heroine joins the scene! A new Captain America knock-off. Someone should tell her that the stars and stripes look is highly overrated. Sigh but some won't listen to good fashion advice. Here you see her taking on your PEP. Armed and very dangerous.

A brand-new self proclaimed heroine joins the scene! A new Captain America knock-off. Someone should tell her that the stars and stripes look is highly overrated. Sigh but some won’t listen to good fashion advice. Here you see her taking on your PEP. Armed and very dangerous.

“The heroines made quick work of your brave defenders and decided to gang up on your poor ole Harley.  They charged me with strength and speed . Your Harley fought bravely for the honor of her precious family. We all traded blows as they tried ta kill me! Ya know some folks just don’t know how ta play nice. I tried my best ta fend them off using everything i could. They just ain’t got no honor they attacked me from all sides but y’know your dear old Harley is not that easily taken down once she get’s revved up. Hammer s went fly and blows and kicks were thrown but the aforementioned Taurus shattered the hammerhead but still I fought for you.”

Look there see how they fight. They don't even have the guts to take me on one  by one. At least Bats worked alone most of the time.

Look there see how they fight. They don’t even have the guts to take me on one by one. At least Bats worked alone most of the time.

“This has been a special report from the desk of..(Wait what’s your name? Huh? Is that right? What the hell kind of name is that! Look don’t tell me how ta do my job bozo or you’ll find yourself six feet under  and a dollar short ya got that. …….I swear it’s hard ta find good employees these days)..This has been a special report from the desk of Eddie Winston by way of your friendly neighborhood Harley. Please stay tuned for more as the story develops. Have a wonderful day!”

Fate’s Night: Finale

Well at least we know that the sisters are not invincible. Then again neither are the heroes. Spider-man gets his butt kicked but the vicious kitten manages to wound one of the witches. Thank God for small miracles. Whatever set them off i hope they never come back again. however i doubt thata will be the end of them. I’m not sure what frightens me more. The fact that Stone ever trusted such a coven or the people who claim to protect us.
Fate's Night- Direct Attack
Taking on the head witch. did not turn out so well for the spider but at least they managed to fdorce a retreat. What will happen for here i don’t know. Who can we trust? Who do we believe in? I….I just don’t know anymore.

Fate’s Night: The Battle Begins

The ‘Heroes’ Begin their assault on the coven. The big cat lady attack with vicious ferocity only to be repelled by their telekinetic barrier. Spider-an joins the fray as well with very little success as well. Some of the citizens despite their saviors seem highly ungrateful and are attacking the Heroes. what ahs gotten into everyone. Where did their common sense? I do not understand exactly what is going on. Please somebody help us. I don’t think this is natural. Why would they do this. It seems they are paying the price. OH MY GOD!! There is blood everywhere! Oh God somebody help uS! I can hear the screams of the children as they are ripped apart the cries of women and the utter terror of the men. Oh God ! These heroes are no heroes. They are no better than the witches. They…. They are monsters. Somebody Help us!

Sesshat has gone mad. What the hell is she.? Oh the humanity!

Sesshat has gone mad. What the hell is she.? Oh the humanity!

001-The Sisters of Fate_005

Fate’s Night- Rise of the Sisterhood Coven

Whether witches or telepaths it doesn’t matter. the fear and destruction wrought here is palpable. Anything in their path suffers. were they here to destroy us or protect us. We just don’t know. What was Stone thinking. We have doubts about our supposed leader. The fear and intimidation they gave off was unlike anything i have ever felt before. I could have sworn the entire world shook under their wake. Stone has gone off the deep end to trust these women. Then again are the heroes any better. The leader….. the leader…. no one knows who she i. Even though her face is not hidden there seems to be something clouding all rationality and judgement. It keeps you from figuring anything out. Dark skies and utter fear is all i feel as i watch this display. The screams and pain of other people is too much my own fear is taking over. Oh dear sweet merciful GOd help us all! Hopefully Spider-man AND Sesshat are enough to deter this loathsome coven of witches. If they can’t God help us all

Fear dread terror and dark skies. These are the only things i could use to describe this as the Sisters of fate arrive on scene.

Fear dread terror and dark skies. These are the only things i could use to describe this as the Sisters of fate arrive on scene.

Monster Bomb!

Earlier this morning the Terrorist known as She-Hulk and the reprocessed living weapon known as code name Marvel were seen brutally attacking an innocent Woman dressed in black for no reason what so ever from what we have gathered.

The first annoyance_003

The first annoyance_004

The first annoyance_005

The first annoyance_006

The first annoyance_002

The first annoyance_007

The first annoyance_008

The first annoyance_009

In the mist of that it seems the Green Raging Monster we know as The Hulk was seen helping this woman but from close shots thanks to our brave camera men who were there to see it all it seems the beast had pure red eyes and was showing signs of accelerated aging in its face which could only mean one thing the beast was actually a clone. Either way it did help the woman manage to get away from the terrorist and living weapon even handling its own against the both of them that is to Marvel Boy turned into some sort of sentient being made entirely out of pure being, the battle was brutal and it seemed Marvel Boy took massive injuries in the long run of things but it seems he was powerful enough to destroy the clone of Hulk with a large emit of pure energy that was close to the power of an atomic bomb. Our CEO of Alchemax Tyler Stone had this to say…..Tyler Stone: “Monster or no monster She Hulk and Marvel Boy put the lives of many in huge danger non of my men at the Public Eye Police would have done that if they were around and even though the monster was destroyed there was more damage done in the end….I would take matters into my own hand but do to some riots of “new heroes” followers starting to multiple faster then rabbits I will have to put any future investigations on hold for now until my men can settle things in my city”……..It seems these terrorists have started to infect the minds of our own fellow New Yorkers but I do have hope that Alchemax and the Public Eye Police will be able to bring justice amongst these monsters and keep us all safe as they usually do. Find out what the next breaking news will be by tuning in to New York New York good times News.

Reported by Alfred Shig