Earlier this morning a situation went down that has changed something we may have never seen in a long time justice brought to this city. Thats right viewers it seems our very own Spider-Punisher has finally rid this city of the terrorist known as electric Christy, for those that don’t remember Christy use to be a very well respected high officer of the Public Eye Police but after seeming to have the hots for fellow electric terrorist Livewire she turned traitor and even tried to find ways to assassinate Tyler Stone himself.

Electric Christy Arrives on the scene. What does she have planned ? Noone know .

Electric Christy Arrives on the scene. What does she have planned ? Noone know .

Tyler Stone: Christy for most of the time I knew her was actually a very troubled young woman she had a rough life and even had a huge drug addiction I had tried to help her stay on the straight path and have her change her ways but someone people can’t be saved it seems…She tried to brainwash my loyal Bodyguard to turn against me luckily with Spider-Punisher’s training he not only managed to stay on the side of justice but also finally rid us of electric Christy once and for all”.

Christy Arrives_002

From what some civilians had heard it seems Christy had tried tried to seduce the loyal Spider-Punisher promising false hopes and lies outside of Alchemax but he did not fall for them as she went to grab his hand he slayed her where she stood by shanking her 27 times in the stomach area and watched her bleed out. With the news of the terrorist known as Electric Christy dead I’m glad to say this worl may be say with Stone, Spider-Punisher, and the rest of the Public Eye Police incharge and I also like to thank them for what they did today.

Bye, bye Electric Christy. The electric Princess is no more

Bye, bye Electric Christy. The electric Princess is no more

Find out what else comes our way by tunning in next time at New York New York good times News.
Reported by Alfred Shigg


Was this really necessary? The Unicorn was easily overpowered and bought down by the heroes. Villains like this pretty much defeat themselves. With evil doers like this….who needs heroes. Who is the Unicorn? Where did he come from ? Is he a danger to anyone but himself? Where did he get his outfit? Who knows………..the fans reply….whatever. 

The unicorn is brutally taken down by Livewire and Green Lantern

The unicorn is brutally taken down by Livewire and Green Lantern

The Unicorn Strikes

Is this guy for real? There is no ambiguity about this guy’s campiness. The unicorn faces down the forces of Derek Powers. The villain comes in screaming “I am the Unicorn” The unbearably cheesy suit, the campy attitude….someone call the circus i think one of clowns has gone missing. Regardless of what you might think of Him he did hold his own….for a short time. Not wanting to see 30 on 1 Silk Spectre the 3rd and Green Lantern joined the fray against Blight’s forces. 

The Unicorn the world's most camp villain takes on the forces of Derek "Blight" Powers. Silk Spectre and Green Lantern Join the scuffle.

The Unicorn the world’s most camp villain takes on the forces of Derek “Blight” Powers. Silk Spectre and Green Lantern Join the scuffle.

Heroes versus PEP and Blackfire

Heroes take the fight to the PEP!

Yesterday morning during a ‘routine’ search of the neighborhood the PEP stones lap dogs ran into a group of Heroes consisting of, Our very own Spider-Man, a woman who looks like a nurse, another woman who was wearing a black and yellow, Electric Christy and a man who called himself ‘The Doctor’ As well as our favorite merc with the mouth Deadpool!
Heroes take a Stand against PEP
The heroes arrived to be greeted by the PEP’s ‘finest’ (Yeah right) Soldiers which included a few grunt soldiers and also Stones favorite mechanized toys, The Elites. It looks like a semi winning battle from the start, The two ladies who we are just getting word that go by the Alias ‘Night Nurse’ and ‘Silk Specter the III’ Took the fight to the grunts, While Silk Specter displayed tremendous amounts of acrobatic proficiency Night Nurse prepared what we can only guess was some sort of sedative. Our fearless fighter Spider-Man took the fight straight to the leader who has been named as Ro, apparently Ro is a very decorated ‘soldier’ (Lap dog) Who has clashed with Spider-Man in the past. While our resident merc with the almost unstopable mouth took the fight to some of The elites slashing and smashing them with his swords while also declaring that he wanted some chimichangas. ‘The Doctor’ Apparently used some tech which caused one of the robots to explode from the inside, Electric Christy newly returned hero began fighting some of the grunts as well.
Heroes vs Blackfire
Eventually Blackfire arrived to give the PEP (Lap dogs) a hand as they were fighting a losing battle (Getting their asses kicked) She began an attack on all the heroes, sending out powerful energy bolts to try and take them down. But eventually she moved on to focus her rage into attacking Electric Christy, leaving the other heroes to deal with the PEP. Silk specter put up a good fight but eventually the PEP overwhelmed her and took her out, she managed to bring quiet a few with her tho. The Doctor used his ‘Screwdriver’ device to emit a powerful ear shattering sound which seemed to react with the bots. Deadpool continues his whacky slashing and smashing while Night Nurse prepared her sedative. The Doctor was taking down with a few star bolts, he looked quiet badly injured but he got up and uh…did something? Look its really complicated and hard to explain basically he managed to make all the bots go BOOM!. Blackfire, enraged that the PEP (lap dogs) were getting decimated decided to return her focus to the heroes after leaving Electric christy to die after a brutal assault. She blasted all the heroes, sending many of them flying but The Doctor seemed to fair the worst as he was basted multiple times and sent flying up the road, he looked near-death as he landed. Spider-Man took the fight to Blackfire but it wasn’t a winning battle she managed to fend him off. That is until the doctor got up explaining to Blackfire exacty why our heroes fight and exactly why their lives mean more to many more people, he then unleashed some sort of energy blast at her which seemed to do some type of injury as she flew away shortly after. Before leaving she unleashed an attack right at Night Nurse but Deadpool managed to shield her and took the blunt of the attack while Spider-Man managed to web zip out of the area. The heroes won this battle for sure but not without some injuries, Spider-Man was heard as saying something about a ‘fracture’ While Electric christy and Silk specter were both KO. At the end of it all witnesses report seeing The Doctor walk away with…blond hair? We’re not sure whats gonna happen next folks but stick around because whenever we get news so will you! – Reported by CP

A New Weapon, Code Name: Marvel Boy

Quest to save Noh-varr 1_001
At 12:05am the previous day in an Alchemax facility in Alaska chaos had seem to have erupted, this was no ordinary attack as the attackers had a goal retrieve project Marvel Boy the last of the Kree Stone had on Ice adding new experiments to him to try and make him another living weapon Tyler Stone had this to say. Tyler Stone: “I have no idea who these attackers think they are I wouldn’t dub them heroes but terrorists in my book, they stormed one of my facilities and stole an unstable weapon who can do more harm then good in the wrong hands, whoever you terrorists are I’m making sure to send my best men to hunt you down and bring you to justice in this city” From what we tell the attackers apparently had the abilities of fire, warp, and super strength, one of them resembling the green monster our city’s Spider-Punisher has fought in the past at many of times. Now that the fiends have stolen a powerful unstable weapon we must all ask ourselves now are we truely safe.
Quest to save Noh-varr 1_002
That question will most likely linger on our shoulders till these terrorist are brought to justice. Tune in next time dear readers and followers for next lasted news to come here at New York New York good times News.

Reporter Alfred Shig

Tokyo’s Little Feud

Earlier today somewhere near a forrest of Tokyo Japan a fight seemed to have broken out between Oroku Saki leader of Saki Industries’s daughter Karai and Tyler Stone Chairman of Alchemax’s most feared insurance policy Spider-Punisher, its Hard to make heads or tails of what truelly happened but from what Mr Stone has told us he was scouting an area for a new Alchemax Tower to help benefit Saki Industries with new made super soldier serium for his men. Tyler Stone: “Me and Mr. Oroku have not seen eye to eye for a while now and I hoped to change that…But it seems his daughter had other ideas as she attack my body guard in the most disrespectful and unhonerable possible….Luckily he managed to fight off the fiend as best he could even with her cheap tactics” It seems that it was Karai herself that started the attack which not only lead to huge confrontation between her and the Spider-Punisher but also those of Oroku and Stone themselves.
Snapshot _ Hikari, Hikari (78, 148, 23) - General 2
Oroku Saki had little to say do to his traditions but we did manage to get something from him. Saki Oroku(cause the reporter is a nitwit): I do not know what truly happened but from what I do know Stone was trespassing where he should not have…He was very dangerously close to breaking our agreement true my daughter should have handle things abit more socially and with some respect but I will deal with her later for now I must get back to my meditation before my next meeting with Mr. Powers arrives at my presence” It seems from what was said both parties had had wrongness in them however it seems Stone tried to make a piece offering with a new found serium he made to help Saki’s troops but it seemed to have been destroyed in the fight against Karai and Spider-Punisher which caused some hostility from Mr. Stone itself ruining some of his image in Japan….Whatever truelly happened is still a Mystery but it seems these two company leaders are just a few inches away from some sort of warfare what will happen next we do not know but we will find out and let you the readers know as soon as we do until then we’ll see you next time on Global News.
Snapshot _ Hikari, Hikari (78, 148, 23) - General

Reporter Don Biggity

When Times Collide Finale ~ Ending Elogy

When Times Collide Finale ~ Ending Elogy

Desecrating the graveyard of the fallen of the heroes of the past. That is not just low that is down right evil. Stine knows that he just doesn’t care. Lucky for us the heroes were the to stop their nefarious deeds. This is their take:
When we arrived we found the leader of the group impaled on the fence near death, we also found one dead and many more with serious injuries…i ask any of you who support these villians…do you really support those who kill innocent men protecting our country? think of all the families now without fathers all the mothers that have now lost a son…and most of all think of how much more they could have done with their lives.

Tyler stone released this statement: “This has been a tragic turn of events….i will personally reward the families of each of the fallen a check of 10 thousand dollars…i know it wont make up for their loss but hopefully it will ease their pain.”